About Us

Alaska Handbook was developed by a small team of expert Alaska-philes based in Anchorage to create an online community with the most comprehensive collection of Alaska resources to be found anywhere. Alaska Handbook was launched in early 2021 with plans for additional resources and tools.

Alaska Handbook maintains the ambitious goal of creating the most comprehensive resource guide for Alaska using the many helpful integrations and tools available in modern web design. These include tools for sharing information and building a vibrant online community. This site will always be a work in progress, so be on the lookout for new features, sections, tools, and functions. In addition, if you have ideas for how to make this site better, feel free to share your ideas on the Contact Us page.

We strive to create a comprehensive resource and vibrant online community for all Alaskans, whether they live in the most urban communities or the most rural areas. Although this site has resources that will be of benefit to tourists, we also aim to make this site equally useful to Alaskans. Contributors to this site have lived and traveled throughout the state, and we strive to earn a user base that reflects the great diversity of the state.

Thanks for visiting Alaska Handbook, and we hope you enjoy your time here!