Why was this site created?

Although a large number of helpful books and websites exist providing resources for Alaska-philes, we felt they were not comprehensive enough, they were not always user-friendly, they focused too much on summer tourism, and they rarely made use of modern integrations and tools. This project strives to create a modern interactive website that acts as a community space and educational resource for the great state of Alaska.

I want to add information to a page? How do I do that?

Great! A lot of untapped knowledge exists around the state. If you have knowledge about something on the site, you are welcome to share it with others. This website seeks to establish reliable and comprehensive resources that are contributed by people like you from around the state.

Several methods for sharing information exist on this site. The easiest way to add information to a listing page is to add a review. You can also edit unclaimed listings and even add new listings if you find something missing.

How do I make suggestions?

Go to the Contact Us page and send us your suggestions for features that you would like to see.

How is Alaska Handbook supported?

Alaska Handbook content is offered for free to users. So, how do we keep the lights on, so to speak? Although we offer you content for free, we earn small commissions when people click links to Amazon products (affiliate links) or view advertisements. Amazon pays Alaska Handbook a small commission on any purchases made after the link is clicked. Do you shop on Amazon? You can help out this site whenever you click on ads or Amazon products. We thank you!

In addition to Amazon links, we are developing the Alaska Handbook Store, which will feature a variety of Alaska oriented products. 

How we DON’T make money: We don’t sell your data to third parties.