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List of cemeteries in Alaska

This is a list of cemeteries in Alaska.

Cemeteries in Alaska
ID and Link
Coordinates Elevation Municipality Borough or
Census Area
Anchorage Memorial Park 2752697 61°12′55″N 149°52′34″W / 61.21528°N 149.87611°W / 61.21528; -149.87611 (Anchorage Memorial Park (Anchorage)) 115 feet (35 m) Anchorage Anchorage
Bayview Cemetery 1420282 55°20′08″N 131°37′29″W / 55.33556°N 131.62472°W / 55.33556; -131.62472 (Bayview Cemetery (Ketchikan Gateway)) 180 feet (55 m) Ketchikan Ketchikan Gateway
Birch Hill Cemetery 1397648 64°51′42″N 147°40′11″W / 64.86167°N 147.66972°W / 64.86167; -147.66972 (Birch Hill Cemetery (Fairbanks North Star)) 597 feet (182 m) Fairbanks Fairbanks North Star
Chief Situk Grave 1421020 59°27′07″N 139°34′11″W / 59.45194°N 139.56972°W / 59.45194; -139.56972 (Chief Situk Grave (Yakutat)) 20 feet (6.1 m) Yakutat Yakutat
Clay Street Cemetery 1397653 64°50′30″N 147°42′17″W / 64.84167°N 147.70472°W / 64.84167; -147.70472 (Clay Street Cemetery (Fairbanks North Star)) 443 feet (135 m) Fairbanks Fairbanks North Star
Cleary Cemetery 2730872 65°5'32"N


989 feet

(301 m)

Fairbanks Fairbanks North Star
Evergreen Cemetery 2752702 58°18′17″N 134°25′25″W / 58.30472°N 134.42361°W / 58.30472; -134.42361 (Evergreen Cemetery (Juneau)) 56 feet (17 m) Juneau Juneau
Angelus Memorial Park 1416770 61°06′53″N 149°52′08″W / 61.11472°N 149.86889°W / 61.11472; -149.86889 (Evergreen Memorial Cemetery (Anchorage)) 154 feet (47 m) Anchorage Anchorage
Fort Richardson National Cemetery 2061976 61°16′31″N 149°39′37″W / 61.27528°N 149.66028°W / 61.27528; -149.66028 (Fort Richardson National Cemetery (Anchorage)) 367 feet (112 m) Anchorage Anchorage
Hope Cemetery 1422646 60°55′01″N 149°37′23″W / 60.91694°N 149.62306°W / 60.91694; -149.62306 (Hope Cemetery (Kenai Peninsula)) 125 feet (38 m) Hope Kenai Peninsula
Indian Cemetery 1403810 62°00′29″N 146°14′55″W / 62.00806°N 146.24861°W / 62.00806; -146.24861 (Indian Cemetery (Valdez-Cordova CA)) 1,814 feet (553 m) Tazlina Lake Valdez-Cordova (CA)
Indian Cemetery 1403811 62°58′56″N 141°55′49″W / 62.98222°N 141.93028°W / 62.98222; -141.93028 (Indian Cemetery (Southeast Fairbanks CA)) 1,719 feet (524 m) Northway Southeast Fairbanks (CA)
Indian Cemetery 1403812 64°54′42″N 148°57′19″W / 64.91167°N 148.95528°W / 64.91167; -148.95528 (Indian Cemetery (Yukon-Koyukuk CA)) 328 feet (100 m) near Minto Lakes Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)
Jensens Cemetery 1404111 64°46′16″N 165°26′51″W / 64.77111°N 165.44750°W / 64.77111; -165.44750 (Jensens Cemetery (Nome CA)) 682 feet (208 m) Nome Nome (CA)
Kuteha Indian Burial Grounds 1405092 58°12′36″N 134°11′09″W / 58.21000°N 134.18583°W / 58.21000; -134.18583 (Kutsha Indian Burial Grounds (Juneau)) 128 feet (39 m) Juneau Juneau
Native Cemetery 1406869 65°02′24″N 151°32′08″W / 65.04000°N 151.53556°W / 65.04000; -151.53556 (Native Cemetery (Yukon-Koyukuk CA)) 220 feet (67 m) Manley Hot Springs Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)
Northern Lights Memorial Cemetery 1407252 64°52′44″N 147°52′35″W / 64.87889°N 147.87639°W / 64.87889; -147.87639 (Northern Lights Memorial Cemetery (Fairbanks North Star)) 722 feet (220 m) Fairbanks Fairbanks North Star
Palmer Pioneer Cemetery 1419622 61°36′29″N 149°05′34″W / 61.60806°N 149.09278°W / 61.60806; -149.09278 (Palmer Pioneer Cemetery (Matanuska-Susitna)) 249 feet (76 m) Palmer Matanuska-Susitna
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 2319071 64°52'40"N 146°53'06"W 679 feet

(207 m)

Chena Hot Springs Fairbanks North Star
Sitka National Cemetery 2061977 57°03′04″N 135°18′56″W / 57.05111°N 135.31556°W / 57.05111; -135.31556 (Sitka National Cemetery (Sitka)) 43 feet (13 m) Sitka Sitka
Sunrise Cemetery 1415092 60°53′55″N 149°25′37″W / 60.89861°N 149.42694°W / 60.89861; -149.42694 (Sunrise Cemetery (Kenai Peninsula)) 20 feet (6.1 m) Hope Kenai Peninsula
Turn Point Cemetery 1415448 56°48′40″N 132°58′42″W / 56.81111°N 132.97833°W / 56.81111; -132.97833 (Turn Point Cemetery (Wrangell-Petersburg CA)) 66 feet (20 m) Petersburg Wrangell-Petersburg (CA)
Valley Memorial Park
(aka Valley Memory Garden)
1416900 61°33′35″N 149°02′28″W / 61.55972°N 149.04111°W / 61.55972; -149.04111 (Valley Memory Garden (Matanuska-Susitna)) 121 feet (37 m) Palmer Matanuska-Susitna


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